Thursday, April 17, 2014

Attendance 4/17


Good morning,

I must have been delirious recently in thinking we had practice scheduled for tomorrow, the rest of the coaching staff has set me straight (we had an intervention). haha

I don't have time at the moment, I do actually teach/work during the day, but I will be posting results from the meet last night at McCord and will be posting a tentative lineup for the Invitational AT BIG WALNUT.

Have a great day everyone! Looks like a beautiful day for track practice.

- Coach Stegman

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Meet Lineup vs. McCord - WEDNESDAY

Good afternoon!

Below is a copy of the events lists for Wednesday, it is current and accurate as of 12:59 PM on Tuesday.

Some things to know for the meet in terms of transportation to and from the meet:
1) All athletes will depart from their home school (KMS, PHX, WMS) and will be transported directly to McCord so, with the exception of Phoenix, there will be no shuttle to Worthingway first.

2) Athletes whom choose to may ride the bus back to Worthingway at the conclusion of the meet to be picked up from there. Athletes whom choose or have made arrangements to be picked up by a parent may do so ONLY after checking out with a member of the coaching staff.

3) Athletes MAY be transported home by a non-family member ONLY if a note, e-mail, or phone call is directed to Coach Stegman or Coach Dentler's attention BEFORE the meet. No note, e-mail, or phone call and the athlete will be REQUIRED to take the bus back to Worthingway.

From what I have seen this should be the most tightly contested track meet we have had against McCord in a number of years. Each time I have seen for their relays are within 2-3 seconds of each of our relays. The weather may be a bit chilly over the next couple of the days but the competition is sure to be HOT!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pickerington Invitational Results and This Week's Update

Good morning,

Yesterday was a great day for competition, the weather was incredible and there were some incredible results. All team results can be found below. Points scorers for the Cardinals were:

For Girls -
* Kimmie Carroll: 4th place, discus, 68'-5", 4 points.
* Jada Mensah: 6th place, long jump, 12'-2.5", 2 points.
* 4x400m relay team of CurtLynn Garner, Haddie Lawler, Ellen Guerra, and Rodwa Aboomar: 4th place, 4:50.66, 4 points.

For Boys -
* Khalil Jones: 3rd place, high jump, 5'-0", 5 points.
* Khalil Jones: 6th place, 110H, 18.56/18.67, 2 points.
* 4x800m relay team of Arjun Jha, Morgan Chavez, Noah Yake, Ryan Gimeson: 5th place, 10:16.33, 3 points.
* 4x400m relay team of Ryan Gimeson, Aidan Cooke, Morgan Chavez, Arjun Jha: 7th place, 4:35.38, 1 point.

Complete meet results, for all schools, can be found at:

This week we'll first be battling weather at the beginning of the week then an away meet at McCord on Wednesday while the cool weather still hangs around. A couple of notes:
(1) All students will take the bus from either KMS or WMS to McCord, Phoenix kiddos will be shuttled to WMS first.
(2) After the meet, athletes will be released to their parent or guardian after checking out with a coach OR ride the bus back to WORTHINGWAY. Athletes will ONLY be released at the conclusion of the meet unless previous arrangements have been made by contacting Coach Stegman (

Team Reuslts:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Results vs. Sells and Pickerington Invitational Information

Good morning everyone!

Results for our meet are at the bottom of this post.
Unfortunately, neither the boys team nor girls team was able to come out on top last night, however there were several remarkable individual performances.
First, the ladies.
First place congratulations go out to Rion Dorwart (discus), Kimmie Carroll (shot put), Jada Mensah (long jump), and Sarah Charley (100H and 200H). Second place shout outs go to Rion Dorwart (high jump), JazzLynn Gaiters (100H), Ellen Guerra (400m), and Sarah Charley (200m). Third placers in the meet last night were Jada Mensah (100H), JazzLynn Gaiters (100m), and CurtLynn Garner (200m). A little side note of impressiveness, our track facility was rebuilt in 2012 with 2013 being the first year we were able to compete on the track. Since then I have been keeping track of site records, those results that are the best at our new facility. Last evening several of those records were broken, many by the Sells team but a few by our own athletes: Kimmie Carroll broke the facility record in shot put with a heave of 28'-11", while Sarah Charley broke the facility records in BOTH hurdling events with an 18.05 in the 100H and a 32.31 in the 200H. Congratulations ladies!

The boys also faced a very impressive Dublin Sells team but, again, there are some notable individual performances with Khalil Jones placing first in the 110H and second in the high jump as well as the 100m; Lloyd Hawthorne placing second in both the shot put and discus; Gabe Conner placing second in the 110H; Clayton Wood and Titan Chen placing second and third in the 200H, respectively; Antwan Howell placing third in the long jump as well as in the 200m; and Arjun Jha placing third in the 1600m.

Pickerington Invitational Information can be found at:

The address for the school is: 130 Hill Road South, Pickerington, OH 43147
Directions can be found here:

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Meet vs. Sells & Pickerington Invitational

Good evening everyone!

This coming week is going to be VERY exciting...and maybe...a touch nerve-wracking.

Here's the schedule -
Monday: Practice until 5:15/5:30
Tuesday: Practice until 5:15/5:30 (participation in the meet cannot be guaranteed if athlete is absent)
Wednesday: Meet vs. Dublin Sells, should be over by 8 pm. KMS Band families, read on below.
So far, we have 4 volunteers for 30 different positions. We can get away with a minimum of 11 folks but are still way off with just 4. So thank you goes out to: Janet McDermott, Becky and Ian Chavez, and Jim Kneessi for signing up already!!
Thursday: Practice until 5:15/5:30
Friday: Practice until 5:15/5:30
Saturday: Pickerington Invitational - bus will depart Worthingway at 7:45 am and return (hopefully) at 3:00 pm. Solo and ensemble participants, read on below.

A couple of important things to be aware of an be sure you locate, on this page, and read are:
1) The order of events for the Dublin Sells meets, and all other dual meets.
2) The events list for our meet versus Dublin Sells (it is blank as of 10:39, Sunday evening but will be filled in as coaches and athletes work to determine which events the athlete will be participating in).
3) The events list for the Pickerington Invitational (it is tentatively filled in based on pre-season results but may have athletes added, dropped, or events modified based on Wednesday's performances). There is also an information sheet posted below with directions, order of events (it's a bit different for the invitational), and other important information.

KMS Band Families -
I have been in contact, frequently, with Mr. Alexis and am fully aware that there is a concert at KMS at 7 PM. We would like to try to have athletes participate in as much of the meet as possible but absolutely understand that athletes will be departing early due to the band concert. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be sure that parent AND athlete check out with a coach prior to departure. Check out the order of events so you'll know approximately when you'll be leaving.

Solo and ensemble participants -
Very similar situation as is described above, except in reverse, sort of. Depending on the athletes performance time at the contest, they will be able to participate in both activities (with parent transportation). Again, I have been in great communication with the music teachers and know many athletes have been scheduled for earlier times (before noon). Most athletes SHOULD be able to participate in both but we do have alternates listed just in case the scheduled athlete is late.

Order of Events (for dual meets) -
Girls track events then boys.
100/110m hurdles
100m dash
1600m run
4x100m relay
400m dash
4x200m relay
200m hurdles
800m run
200m dash
4x400m relay

Field events
Boys High Jump, Girls Long Jump, Boys Shot Put, Girls Discus
Girls High Jump, Boys Long Jump, Girls Shot Put, Boys Discus

Pickerington Invitational Information -

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Next Week - First Meets!

Happy spring break everyone!
I hope athletes are taking the opportunity to relax but are also spending some time to be active. I digress...

Some things to keep in mind leading into our first meets:
1) We NEED volunteers! So far we have two volunteers for some 30 spots that need filled to make the meet run smoothly. Please consider signing up.

2) Athletes have been asked on a couple of occasions what events they would PREFER to do. Coaching staff will do their best to grant these requests, however, we work to both push the athletes our of their comfort zone to try something new and put them in the best position to do well. Everyone can run a 100 meter dash but the meet could take FOREVER if all 60+ sprinters from our team and from the other team ran the 100. Using that example, that would put 120 athletes in the 100, that would be 20 heats, each heat takes about 3-4 minutes to complete which would mean we would take an hour to an hour and twenty minutes just to complete the first event. With that said, we try to spread everyone over a few different sprint events and relays. For example, an athlete interested in the 100m who also long jumps may be asked to run the 200m, participate on a 4x100 relay, and compete in long jump. Another athlete who hurdles and is interested in the 100m may run the 100 m hurdles, the 200m hurdles, and participate on a 4x200 relay.

3) On Saturday, April 12th we will be running at the Pickerington Invitational. For now, buses will leave from Worthingway at 7:45 am and return, hopefully, before 3 pm. The top two individuals from each event along with athletes to compete in relays will be asked to participate. More details, including directions and start times will be posted to the blog a bit later this week or early next week. Coaching staff is aware of a potential conflict with band/choir/orchestra solo/ensemble competition and is working with music staff to arrange performance times to coincide with participation in the invitational. Obviously, somethings can't be avoided but coaching staff is flexible and want everyone to experience success in both events!

As always, if you have questions feel free to e-mail (

-Coach Stegman