Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Camp Opportunity

Good morning,

I wanted to pass along an opportunity that has come through the track mailbox. It is for a summer camp at Ashland University. I have included the information below. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tonight to celebrate the season: 6 pm, Kilbourne Middle School Auditorium!

Ashland Track Camp

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Recognition Ceremony & Dessert

Good afternoon everyone!

Just to follow up with my previous post, I have been informed that the date is firm and the time is now firm.

Thursday, May 22nd recognition and comment will take place beginning at 6pm in the auditorium at Kilbourne Middle School with Punch and Dessert following in the cafeteria.

As I mentioned before, please send photos and video!
Photos can be uploaded to:
Or e-mailed to

Video and photos can be dropped off on disc or drive to the track mailbox at Worthingway, Coach Bromagen at Kilbourne, or Mr. Roman at Phoenix!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Invitational Results & Banquet

Good afternoon!

I hope this finds everyone well. This season turned out to be amazing in so many respects, thank you to all who played a role in the success of our athletes. The results for the Worthington Invitational can be found at On The Mark Timing or Baumspage. Our banquet is scheduled for Thursday, May 22nd, the tentative time schedule is as follows: punch & cookies at 6 PM followed by the awards ceremony at 7PM. This is subject to change as we are coordinating efforts with the girls lacrosse team. We had to move the award extravaganza to a different date as there is an academic recognition ceremony for Worthingway on the evening of the 21st.

Please see my previous post if you have photos of athletes from this past season! Feel free to burn the photos (or videos) to CD/DVD/flash drive and drop it off in the track mailbox at Worthingway or Mr. Roman at Phoenix (have him "inner-office" them to me) or Coach Bromagen at Kilbourne.

The coaches look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating your accomplishments next Thursday!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Grizzell Results & Invitational Info

Good afternoon!

I have been, unintentionally, holding the Grizzell Results hostage. They are posted below. Next, the coaching staff has been made aware that many athletes will be missing practice Friday due to OMEA band competition, they are excused. Also, I have posted the events lists (as of 12:45 PM, Friday) for the invitational. All athletes should report directly to the track at TWHS at 8:30 AM Saturday morning. We will have a brief team meeting then work collectively to get the hurdles set-up for prelims and equipment organized for the field events. Please wear Worthington Cardinals gear to support our if you are not participating. The meet should be over, hopefully, by 3 PM. Looks like we're closing in on have a great volunteer crew, we really need someone to help out with discus - feel free to sign-up:

A few things that aren't pressing but would be great. If any athletes would like to purchase an invitational t-shirt TODAY at practice I will have them available, they are $15. I will be hanging out a bit after practice if parents would like to purchase one for their child. Also, we would like to collect as many uniforms as possible today (at practice) and tomorrow (at the invitational). So please be sure to send your child with their uniform - it does not have to be washed, I'll be washing all of them once the season is over because there's usually one unwashed uniform that spoils the bunch. :)

Any questions feel free to e-mail!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tomorrow (@ Grizzell) and Saturday (Worthington Invitational)

Good evening,

I hope this post finds everyone well, today was a beautiful day for track practice! I need everyone to do a rain dance to keep bad weather away for tomorrow and, especially, Saturday. Below, you will find information about both events.

1) Grizzell - The hosting team (Grizzell, duh) has placed a limit on the number of athletes permitted to run in each of the 100, 200, and 400 as well as both hurdling events at 12. With that in mind the coaching staff first went by times posted this season to allow the 12 fastest kiddos to have first choice in running those events, we then went by preference and made changes as best we could, then some were asked to try an event they haven't before or perhaps that isn't usually an event the prefer to fill out the meet schedule. Please know that coaching staff has made every effort to get athletes in 3 events but space and time didn't allow for this to happen in a few cases. On that note, the events lists are posted below, after that, directions to Grizzell.

2) The Worthington Middle School Invitational - First, it is our expectation that every member of the track team attend this invitational whether or not you are competing. There are many things that need done during the meet that require a non-competitor to help with. For example, hurdle crew, we've done such a fantastic job with this at not only our home meets but at away meets as well, some teams aren't so quick to help out at away meets. Another example would be with field events, each field event will have an official running the event but it is helpful to have non-competitors pull-tape in the shot put or discus; retrieve implements; or rake the pit for long jump. Please wear Cardinals track gear, support your teammates, and help out when/where needed. Our team locker room will be in the field house on the north side of the building (it is usually the girls track locker room) ALL ATHLETES (competitors and non-competitors) should arrive to TW by 8:30 AM! Second, I have included both an information sheet (Meet Program) that went out to all teams that has a lot of great information to read about as well as the events list as it stands right now (very bottom of the post). Please note, the results of Wednesday's meet could change our line-up for Saturday significantly, no spot is secure. Lastly, parents, thank you so much for volunteering to work our home meets as well as this Invitational. We are still in GREAT NEED of parent volunteers. Please consider signing up, especially to sell tickets. The electronic scoring system used for this meet is extremely expensive so tickets need sold to off-set this cost. Any profits made are put directly back into the track program - we have never been told we couldn't purchase an item needed for our athletes (field implements, measuring tape, a new tent, etc.) because we have done so well in selling tickets. Please, please, please consider signing up to help out: CLICK HERE TO HELP OUT!

3) Banquet - I have been made aware of a Worthingway conflict that may cause us to move the date of our banquet so please keep an eye on the blog for more information on that. Also, if you have taken any photos during the season feel free to use the following e-mail address to load photos: or use the URL to add (and see pics) right away: Video CANNOT be uploaded to this site so if you have video burn it to disc or add it to a thumb drive and drop it off to Coach Stegman.

Directions to Grizzell from Worthingway - (270 W to 161/33 W exit Avery Road after a little over 3 miles turn left into the parking lot.)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Summer Track (for 3rd-6th graders)

Good afternoon!

I received this blurb regarding summer track for younger kiddos from a track parent. There are a few opportunities for middle and high schoolers, I'll post information about those clubs and camps later. For now, see below!

With summer fast approaching, it is time for another season of WYB Track! If your child has a younger sibling who is interested in Track and Field please consider registering them for this program.  As in the past WYB Track is open to any current 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th graders who reside in the Worthington school district. Registration fees are the low cost of $50 through May 31st and $60 after June 1st. The track season will run from June 12th through July 26th. Practices will be held Thursday nights 6:30-8:30. Meet dates are Saturday mornings starting at 9am.  Practices and meets will be held at Worthington Kilbourne High School. Please see our website at  for all of the details, volunteer opportunities including coaching, and to register for the season. Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Lancaster 7th Grade Invitational

The meet has JUST ended. A lot longer than anticipated. We should be arriving to WORTHINGWAY in about an hour with an estimated arrival time between 10:30 and 11. 

Our girls team finished 3RD OVERALL!
Our boys team finished 2ND OVERALL!